Jenny Foss, Founder & CEO

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I’m Jenny. I also answer to Jen, JobJenny and “Pssst … Hey lady, how’d you like to play a round of Scrabble?”

(Please note: I will win.)

I even occasionally go by Jennifer, but only if we’re in our finest suits, in some important looking conference room, sitting in our plush office chairs as one of those huge projection screens drops down from ceiling on command.

I’m firmly committed to helping you navigate and grow your career like a BOSS.

A Detroit girl turned West Coaster (Portland, to be precise), I’ve been a journalist, marketing communications strategist and recruiter for most of my professional life. It was a weird, swirly sort of career path (no one ever accused me of being linear in my decision making). But as illogical as some of my moves may have seemed to those around me, it is this exact combination of experience and skills that enabled me to launch (2010) and start giving job seekers and people working to change or grow their careers the 1:1 attention, high-fives and tough love you both need and deserve.

I’m a full-on believer that, if you can blast away some of the fear, confusion and overwhelm that always seems to accompany change, you’ll be much more equipped to move toward the job of your dreams, build your entrepreneurial empire, or grow your career like you mean business.

Serious business. Not monkey business.

I also insist that you will never, not ever, bore anyone into buying from you.

Whether you’re selling nose hair trimmers, sandwiches or your own professional capabilities, you’ve got to do it with flair, authenticity and a relevant, compelling story.

So stick around, we’ll show you how. Kick off your shoes. Set your drink down without a coaster (that’s how we roll). Comment along with us. Share with friends. Disagree with us if you must. And, above all …


Karen Friesen, CPRW, Sr. Copywriter / Customer Service Manager

Had we not posted an ad on Craigslist for that exact four hours, and had Karen not visited Craigslist (for the first time in ages) across those exact four hours, we may never have found her. 

But the stars and planets aligned and, in 2012, this long-time copywriter, marketer, marathoner and generally awesome human being (miraculously) logged into Craigslist ... two minutes after we'd posted an overdue plea for an exceptional resume writer.

Since that perfectly timed moment, Karen -- a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) -- has been delivering shockingly good resumes, cover letters and blog posts like some sort of other-worldly writing machine. 

She also kicks the pants off of all things customer experience. You'll like that about her. You'll be seeing a lot more of Karen as we continue to grow here at, which is great news for everyone in the mix.

Emma Pattee, Copywriter/Project Manager

When she told us that she was a) the youngest person to ever attend Southern Oregon University (age 15!)  and b) one who will drop everything to sing ZZ Top at a karaoke bar, we sort of already knew we'd found our match.

Once we discovered that Emma is also a brilliant writer, digital marketer and project manager?

We were smitten. 

On board since Summer 2013, Emma's the newest member of the team. She's that rare bird who loves job search, loves interviews and loves writing resumes and cover letters. (I know, it’s sickening, isn’t it??)

Emma is also one hell of a Zumba dancer, and serves as our resident expert on the job search and career growth among early career / millennial audiences