PSU Career Communications Students - Your Textbooks are Here!

Welcome, Portland State University Career Communications students! Your textbooks for this course are on-demand e-books. You can download all three in PDF format right here.

Thanks to a partnership between PSU and, you will have access to all three course e-books at a significant discount compared to  their normal sale price of $39/ea.

Your bundled textbook packet, available for $49, includes these three titles:

  1. The Ridiculously Awesome Job Search Kit
  2. The Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit
  3. The Ridiculously Awesome LinkedIn Kit

We will be referencing each book in class, and your exam will be based (in part) on content within the course materials. Please be sure and order right through this order page, rather than at the general sales page (you'll pay $39 for each title otherwise).

Once purchased, you will have immediate access to the materials. 

Please observe that these are copyrighted materials and should not be distributed or shared.