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The Ridiculously Awesome Resume Service

It's time.

You need a job. A job you love. One that energizes you and makes you proud.

This is your life, friend. This is it. Do you want to reflect back on all those days, weeks, YEARS you spent hating 40-80 hours of your life... every... single ... week?

No way.

It is your turn to shine.

You've got what it takes. You know you do. YOU are a star. But does your resume properly reflect your awesomeness?

Is it old? Is it bad? Did you use lots of cliches and the phrase "Responsible for..." over and over again? Do you talk about yourself in the third person??

That's OK if one of these is your reality. You've made it here now, so this could be one of those turning point days.

The Ridiculously Awesome Resume Service aims to provide you, the job seeker, with a ridiculously awesome resume; one that showcases your excellence, your personality and your hellaciously firm grasp on all things spelling and grammar.

The hard truth: You need a stellar resume.

Competition is fierce, folks. I know you know this. For every job, someone will have a brilliant resume.

They got nothin' on you. You can take 'em.

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Let's work together. Let's engage (Every now and again, we like to bust out super business-y words like "engage.") We'll help you keep that resume from getting lost in the sea of marginal resumes.

We'll help you smack the decision maker in your target market square across the forehead with a resume that makes it crystal clear who you are, what you can deliver. And we'll do it in a way that makes them realize within seconds that they should put down that blueberry muffin right this minute, and call you in for an interview.

Choose the level of service that's right for you: (click for package details and to place order)

Resume Spruce Up - $399

Resume Overhaul - $439

Resume + Cover Letter - $489

Whole Enchilada - $679

Cover Letter Only - $149


Wondering if this is a worthwhile investment?

Here's what a few who have already taken advantage of the Ridiculously Awesome Resume Service have to say:

Mike A.:

"You are a goddess! I was offered the job. on. the. spot! 35K increase from what I'm currently making, and that's not including the 10K signing bonus! Dear god, I'm kinda shaking a little ;-) Thanks again for your hard work."

Nick R.:

 "Just wanted to let you know I start my new Business Development Manager job next Monday. I’m thrilled to be a part of this company! A friend of mine just started working there, and gave the hiring manager my Ridiculously Awesome Resume. Three interviews later, I got the call offering me the job! Thank you for your expertise, support, advice, and encouragement throughout this entire process. Although, I loved working with you, I hope this opportunity allows me the ability to never have to shop my resume around ever again ;-) "

Michael N.:

"Your brilliant resume writing magic did wonders for me! I had a couple call backs for the first time... ever! And ... I finally had a plan and an awesome resume and... (drum roll please!) found a new job/career! YAY!

So thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. Again, you are my hero."

 Anita S.:

 “Jenny is awesome! I’ve recommended her to a few of my colleagues and they all agree, Jenny is the equivalent of a personalized career coach, more than just a copywriter, Jenny offers advice and strategies that really make an impact. She knows her stuff and the best part about her? She has flair and humor to go along with her expertise. I actually feel really privileged to have Jenny as a resource!”


(Still thinking about it? You'll find a few more testimonials here.)

Oh, and in case you were wondering... Our credentials for this?

  • Our team has studied thousands of resumes over the past decade -- We truly understand the good, the bad and the ugly, and what potential employers need and want to see.
  • Both members of our resume writing team have journalism degrees (magna cum laude, booo-yah!), and have spent several years working in the fields of journalism, copywriting, marketing and recruitment.
  • We understand very clearly that the resume is your key marketing document, and we'll work like mad to make sure it reflects your awesomeness appropriately.
  • We're brutally honest (yet gentle), so you'll get sincere, candid feedback on what you've got going so far and how you might improve on your resume and cover letter.
  • We're just plain fun to work with. This is serious stuff. No sense in making it serious AND boring, right?

Sometimes in life, it gets to be all about you and what you want.

You got your eye on something better?

Then let's do this. 

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