It’s time. You need a job. A job you love. One that energizes you and makes you proud.

This is your life. This is it.

Do you want to reflect back on all those days, weeks, YEARS you spent hating 40-80 hours of your life... every... single ... week?

No way.

It is your turn to shine.

You've got what it takes. You know you do. But does your resume properly reflect your talents?

Is it old? Is it bad? Did you use lots of clichés like "Responsible for" “Detail-oriented” or “Results-driven”? Do you talk about yourself (gasp) in the third person?

Whether you're an active job seeker or preparing for a career transition,The Ridiculously Awesome Resume Service aims to provide you, with an amazing, on-target resume; one that showcases your excellence and your personality, and makes the decision maker want to drop whatever it is she’s doing and pay attention to Y-O-U.

No matter who tells you otherwise, the simple truth is this: You need a stellar resume.

Competition is fierce, folks. For every job you’ve got your eye on, someone will have a brilliant resume.

Let's have that someone be you.

We can help. You ready to get started?


We will be operating on a limited schedule through the end of 2015. This is to ensure we can serve our clients to our highest standards of quality while continuing development of new products and services designed to meet growing customer demand. If you have rush needs or find a service of interest temporarily sold out,  please contact Karen Friesen at to discuss options.

We are currently booking new projects to kick off Dec. 1 and beyond.


(Are you looking for DIY support? You may also wish to check out our Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit. )