Services - What's the Deal?

As you may have read on our blog or service pages, services (with exception of a limited number of 60-minute consults) will be on hiatus for a period of 8-12 weeks, beginning August 18, 2015. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause. It was a difficult, but necessary decision we've made to ensure we are able to meet the needs of our rapidly growing audience long-term.

We are not crazy people. We simply need time, energy and brain space to implement new products, services and processes that will enable us to guide and inspire more people as we continue to grow.

For those who came here with a plan to purchase services, please read on:

Why am I unable to order service?

As of August 18, 2015, we have suspended the majority of our resume, cover letter, Whole Enchilada and LinkedIn makeover services. Our products (The Ridiculously Awesome Kits) are still available, as well as a limited number of consulting sessions. We will fire it all back up again within 8-12 weeks.

Why (the bleep) are you doing this?

Good question. This has been an incredibly tough decision and one that we’ve weighed carefully for several months. It has become clear to us that, in order to ensure that is poised to properly serve a continually growing client base (and demand), we have to restructure and optimize the business.

In order to restructure and optimize the business, we need to redirect our time, energy and resources short-term so that we may implement these important strategic moves. We recognize that this will impact potential clients who have timely needs and we sincerely regret any inconvenience.

(You can read more about our decision HERE)

Will any services be available?

Through this period, we will offer a limited number of 60-minute consults. If you are working to an urgent timeline or limited flexibility, please contact us at prior to placing your order.

What (the bleep) am I supposed to do now?

We will be happy to recommend another provider that we know and trust. In fact, we've been in discussion with a few of our favorites and given them the heads-up that you may be coming their way.If you are interested, please send us a quick note to Please outline your specific needs and we’ll make every effort to match you up with someone great.

You may also wish to check out our Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit and/or Ridiculously Awesome LinkedIn Kit. Each resource will walk you through the process we use in developing resumes and LinkedIn profiles, answer the questions we hear most often from clients, and share samples of our work that you may use as you shape your own resume or LinkedIn profile.

What are you going to change about

While we’re still finalizing the specifics, you can expect to see more of our Ridiculously Awesome kits, more frequent blog content (free advice, yay!), and the ultimate addition of workshops and e-courses. This may not happen all at once (Rome was not built in a day), but we are working diligently to provide more support options for our rapidly growing audience.

We will also (of course) be relaunching the 1:1 services we’ve offered all along. You can expect to see them available again in 8-12 weeks.

Additionally, we’re working to optimize our processes and systems to ensure our clients and visitors have an undeniably great experience when visiting, or working with our team.

What if we have recently discussed my ordering a service?

If we have recently had recent, direct conversation (email, phone or in person) about your ordering a specific service, we will honor any commitments we have made. Please contact Karen Friesen directly at and provide us with details on what we've discussed (and when), and information on which package you had planned to order. Again, this option is for those who have been in recent, direct conversation with us about placing an order. We'll remember you, and we'll come through.

What if I still have questions?

We’re glad to answer any remaining questions you may have. Please email them to Karen Friesen at

We are so grateful for the support, business and friendship all of you have given us since we launched in 2010. We’re excited to continue evolving and hope you’ll continue to be a part of it.