Our 1:1 Services Are Back!

Whew!  We're back. For those who visited the site in recent months, you may have noted our temporary closure on our 1:1 services, due in large part to an unanticipated medical issue Jenny had to work through (eye-related).

(That rather sucked.) 

The good news is, we're ready to start ramping back up. We've restored a limited number of services for July. Starting in August, we will be offering 12-15 slots per month for 1:1 clients. We anticipate we will fill up quickly, so if you know you want to book a project with us, early in the month is a good time to place your order.

You will see a current, running tally of how many remaining packages are available for purchase in the month on each order page. Once we're out for the month, we're out for the month.

Should you discover that we're out of inventory when you go to make a purchase, we will be very glad to point you toward another provider we know and trust, or you may return to the site on the first of the following month, which is when we will reset inventory for the upcoming month. (Contact Karen Friesen at karen@jobjenny.com if you would like a referral.)

Should we be unavailable for 1:1 services, we also encourage you to check out our self-paced video course, Weekend Resume Makeover, which will guide you step-by-step through our process of developing a professional resume, in no time at all. If you opt for this route, please feel free to take $50 off enrollment with promo code: FAST50. (And be sure and grab a seat in our FREE Cover Letter Crash Course if you need a killer cover letter to go with your resume.)

You may wonder, "Why don't they just hire more people and take on more clients every month?" And that's a valid wonder.

Here's why: We are not a resume mill. We're not a transactional, "shove as many people through the system as possible" type of service. We're strategists and problem solvers first, word crunchers second. (Well, we happen to be pretty good with the words, but hopefully you see the point.) With each client we serve, we strive to get to know you, understand your most important goals and challenges, and help you put the puzzle pieces together in a way that makes sense to the audience you're trying to influence, and moves you forward to success.

Here's also why: We have a few big projects in the works that will enable us to reach more people more efficiently. Among these: An online career conference (stay tuned!), a live version of our Weekend Resume Makeover course, and a book (!) We need to balance our time between the 1:1 services we've become known for, and these wonderful opportunities that will allow us to help larger groups of people.

We are so grateful for your interest and your business. Thanks for finding JobJenny.com.