The 100 Thanks Project.

It's been the most rewarding, exciting and incredible year of my life. Both personally and professionally speaking.

So to close out 2010, I'm going to postpone clearing out my email inboxes, making calls and tackling that overdue "clear out the flipping file cabinets" project.

Instead, I'll attempt to properly express my massive gratitude to those who have provided me with endless support, love, advice, high-fives, kicks-in-the-pants, and the means to successfully machete my way through the absolute unknown.

It's been an unbelievable, liberating 2010.

And it's fueled me in a way that I hope will help every one of you light the freaking world on fire in 2011 and beyond.

I've just ordered 100 thank you notes. I'm guessing that'll just get me started.

You have my sincere gratitude, all. Here's to an extraordinary New Year!