Resume Service closing (tomorrow) for two weeks.


As a kid growing up in Michigan, I logged A LOT of time in the back seat of my dad's Pontiac 6000, heading back and forth between our "most of the year" house and our summer cottage near Traverse City, MI.

We'd take the back roads. I absolutely loved rolling along, taking in all the sights of Michigan's back country -- Christmas tree farms, random natural gas drilling rigs, fields of horses, freshly washed laundry hanging from farm house clothes lines, and a hilarious array of yard "art" (in some instances, I use this term loosely).

It was a visual paradise compared to I-75 northbound.

After dozens of trips across these roads, I became near-expert on when we'd be approaching that one tree that bent over the road like a tunnel, or that field with the cows that, I swear, NEVER stood up ...

... or the behemoth farm house that looked like it had been added on to, oh, maybe 17 times.

Have you ever seen a house that has been added on to over and over and over again over the years? Did it look good, or was it a Frankenstein mess? This particular house fell square into the Frankenstein mess category -- three different kinds of siding, illogical angles, varying roof shingles, multiple colors.

This house just fascinated me. Even as a young kid, I just couldn't imagine who would build so haphazardly, without a clear plan for future growth.

And this brings me to the Ridiculously Awesome Resume Service ...

Business growth has been rapid and exciting. We're on track to more than double the number of resume orders fulfilled this year over last, and we are forecasting similar demand in 2013.

And so we must scale the business, strategically and in a way that will continue to deliver value to our new and repeat customers.

We cannot afford to Frankenstein this.

Unfortunately, it's very hard to innovate and plan with a flood of inbound resume orders. Thus, I'm taking it offline for two weeks, starting tomorrow.

The Ridiculously Awesome Resume Service will be closed for business from October 23 - November 6 so that we can remodel the service in a way that will support you, our growing customer base.

If you know you need a new resume before then, today is the day to place your order. Otherwise, absolutely come on back on November 6.

You may also wish to consider the Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit in the interim. It's a nifty and economical tool that walks you through my resume development process, answers the resume questions I hear most often, and provides sample resumes and cover letters that you can use as a guide.

Frankenstein might be fascinating viewing as one drives by on Michigan's country roads, but no one wants to live in a Frankenstein house.

(Nor own a Frankenstein business.)