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Are you scared, mad or incredibly frustrated over your job search?

Or maybe you're so confused about where or how to begin ... that you haven't even begun.

Are you the one everyone always thought had the world by the tail, but now this stupid wave of doubt is crashing in on you?

You running out of money? Dying of boredom? Freaking your family out? Mad at your old co-worker, who is half as talented as you, but just landed THE VERY job you've been chasing after for weeks?

Do you know what you're doing, or are you just wasting valuable time?


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If you're in this boat, friend, know you're not alone.

The dramatic shift in our economy within the last couple of years, has left thousands and thousands of people unemployed, underemployed or just plain unhappy in their jobs.  It's given us worry, hardship, pain and irritation.

It has also given us a career mandate in many instances. And that is:

Reinvent yourself, or perish.


Here's the good news: You are here. And I'm offering to teach you how to reinvent your job search, which is a critical step to reinventing yourself.  

Think about it like this: Everyone's trying to cram through the front door, using methods of job search that just don't work very well anymore. (Like Monster.com and counting on recruiters to find you something cool.) 

In reality? You'll get noticed a heck of a lot faster today if you say "screw that front door," and instead, head around to the side window, flip open a step ladder, climb up and hoist yourself through.

I will teach you how to cook up a plan that gets you through the side window.


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And once you're in that side window? You're going to have a shot at THE job. Not a job, THE job.

The one that will dazzle your friends, appease your mother and make you wake up whistling zippy, upbeat morning songs every day of the week.

A few of the things you're about to learn:

  • How to craft a job search game plan that keeps you focused and heading to greatness
  • Why you should love LinkedIn as much as I do, and how to use it for job search
  • How Twitter can provide both Charlie Sheen updates AND job search guidance
  • Why you should consider blogging while you job search, and how to set one up
  • How to use that Facebook following (and Facebook ads!) to your massive advantage
  • How to pay the bills in the meantime
  • What to do if you just can't take another day
  • How to ensure your resume and cover letter are Ridiculously Awesome

You're going to learn all of this, and a bunch more, for a flat rate of $39.

If we were to do this one-on-one through consulting? You'd likely pay 5 to 10 times as much for this same information. But I wanted to teach you how to craft and execute a job search strategy that will actually work, at a price that makes sense no matter where you're at financially.

(If what you learn here cuts down your search by even a day? It's more than paid for itself. Neat, huh?)

And I'm confident you will feel motivated and armed with a bunch of fresh new ideas once you've read, To Whom It May Concern: Or, How to Stop Sucking at Your Job Search. To set you completely at ease, we offer a no-questions-asked, 30-day money back guarantee.

Really? If you don't agree that you've received your $39 worth of job search guidance and instruction? I don't want to keep your money. This is about YOU and getting YOU rolling toward an excellent next step in your career. So just send us a note via email, and we'll process your refund right away. Most of you have enough stress going, this is the last thing you should be worrying about.

How much is your current job search strategy costing you?

If your search is stretching on (or you're flat-out paralyzed) because you're not quite sure how to pull this thing off? You really have just two options: Keep doing what you're doing, or find a better way.

 I've got a better way. Ready when you are.

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P.S. The early reviews are in...

Jenny Foss doesn’t just command you to get on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. She shows you exactly what to do once you’ve joined in order to truly reap the benefits, and even offers dialogue samples to assist with building key connections. It’s as if she’s there holding your hand and acting as your personal career cheerleader along the way. Jenny claims no one is going to be your super agent or land that dream job for you, but To Whom It May Concern feels pretty close. -- Ashley Edwards Walker

  I love Jenny's light-hearted, honest tone! She addresses the key points without preaching per  se. It isn't cumbersome and yet offers credibility and authority because she speaks from experience. -- Hannah Morgan - Founder, CareerSherpa.net

 I'm VERY much enjoying (the ebook). You present it in a format that is easy and entertaining to read, providing a great deal of levity for a situation that many (myself included) find horrifying. I completely agree with you about the social media angle and it being an important (Read: Essential) component of one's job search strategy. -- Adam S. - Strategic Marketing Leader


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