Jenny Foss

Founder & CEO

As a girl who was 1,000% convinced she'd grow up and become a California beach lifeguard, Jenny is no stranger to big career dreams.

A journalist, corporate marketing / PR leader and recruiter for much of her career, Jenny never imagined that these (seemingly illogical to family and friends) career moves would ultimately provide her with the perfect combination of experience she’d need to launch and grow JobJenny.com.

But it’s these mad writing, marketing and branding skills – along with her firsthand knowledge of how hiring managers and recruiters think and behave – that enable her to help professionals blast away the fear and confusion that almost always goes along with career change, then take immediate strides forward.

Jenny, a Detroit native, unlikely hot yoga enthusiast and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, three kids and the best rescue dog in the history of rescue dogs (no, seriously).

And, while she absolutely loves the majesty of the Pacific NW, she’s still convinced that her career will ultimately will take her to the beaches of California.


Karen Friesen

Sr. Copywriter / Customer Service Manager

Had we not posted an ad on Craigslist for that exact four hours in 2012, and had Karen not randomly visited Craigslist across those exact four hours, Team JobJenny.com would (sadly) have missed out on one of the most outstanding resume writers, customer service wizards and genuinely caring human beings in the land.

But it was serendipity and since that perfectly timed moment, Karen – a long-time marathon runner (yes, including Boston – we’re talking big-time) and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) – has been dishing up shockingly good resumes, cover letters and blog posts like some sort of other-worldly writing machine. She also kicks the pants off all things customer service. You’ll like that about her.

Karen, a graduate from University of Portland’s School of Journalism, is a long-time Oregonian. She and her husband have three sons, a lovable (yet slightly neurotic) dog and a rotating batch of chickens in the backyard.