What not to wear to a job interview.

When I return from my honeymoon...

...and I'm not SO VERY BUSY deciding between beach lounger, poolside lounger and veranda hammock...

I'll tell you all about the candidate I had a few years ago.

Who wore a cowboy hat into a job interview (he was not interviewing to be a cowboy. It was an engineering position.)

And refused to take it off.

(no, in fact, he did not get the job)

Bold = good.

The fashion statement pictured, however, reminds me of my cowboy hat wearing candidate. And brings me to the very clear point that:

Bold = good.

Belligerent, weird, obnoxious?

That would equal bad.

And weird.

And abnormal.

And counterproductive.

YES... I will make the loud and clear statement that your job search needs to involve bold, creative, strategic methods.

But if you bust out the cowboy hat or sombrero at an interview? And then refuse to remove it?

I cannot at all be responsible for the outcome.

Just know. I cannot.


Cheers everyone! See you soon!