Screw the cubicle. Do what excites you.

Cheerleading break! Cheerleading break!

Jenny Foss has a cheerleading break!

(OK, Jenny Foss never made the squad. Leave me alone. I was an ATHLETE, for cryin' out loud. That has to count for SOMETHING.)

Today, this amazing "life on your own terms" powerhouse named Chris Guillebeau launched a super cool new product called Travel Hacking Cartel. It's a seemingly sweet offering that allows all of us dreamers and adventurers to collect and cash in on frequent flier miles. As a global travel (and fellow Portlander... * high-five! * ) Chris knows allll of the tricks on piling up massive miles, and the best ways to use them.

But I digress. Because that is not the point of my

Cheerleading break! Cheerleading break!

Seeing news of the Travel Hacking Cartel launch, I was reminded (like a brick to the face) of how absolutely amazing this entrepreneur is. Not only is he the author a book that currently sits on the Amazon bestsellers list, Chris (whose tagline is "Writer. Traveler. Fighter of the Status Quo") also is just killing it with a family of products that help people like you and me build businesses around the things we're most excited about.

(These, by the way, are all available through his Unconventional Guides website.)

I guarantee Chris is well on his way to millionaire status. This is cool. But even cooler? Is knowing this:

Chris is you. Chris is me.

A regular guy, with a regular life who just happened to decide he was not very interested in working for the man, so he carved out an entrepreneurial path that's ranged from importing Jamaican coffee to running a small publishing company while volunteering in Africa.

My point here is this:

If this sounds like an option you'd love. If a life of entrepreneurial freedom, built around the things you LOVE to do, sounds pretty damned appealing?

It is in your reach. Just as much as it was in Chris' reach.

Another entrepreneur who is on her way to killing it doing what she loves, by the way, is Ashley Ambirge.  An absolute tornado of personality an energy, Ashley (who I featured on the blog recently,) is the force behind The Middle Finger Project.

Like Chris, Ashley decided give corporate life the literal bird, and instead built her career around helping others snub the cubicle life.

Recently, she launched an ebook, "You Don't Need a Job: You Need Guts",that -- in near amazing style -- walks a newbie through the process of setting up an online entrepreneurial business. A business that, once again, is built around the things that excite you.

And, by the way, that ebook is FUNNY. This girl is lippy, smart, and as engaging at they come.

And Ashley is you. Ashley is me.

Even better, Ashley and Chris teach you and me.

So if you're reading this with the hopes of finding job search advice, but secretly wishing like hell you could just go launch that knitting business or bird sitting deal or online kung-fu instructor empire?

Know that you have every bit of capability that Chris and Ashley do.

If a less conventional path sounds right for you?

Learn it. Do it. Live it.

(insert Jenny Foss popdown dismount here. Cheerleading break complete.)