Genuine - It almost always trumps showy.

So I'm standing in the grocery store last night (Yes, I'm a glutton for pre-Thanksgiving punishment, but I needed a few things for my chili).

Two well-coiffed women, I believe mother and daughter, were in front of me in line, loud-talking about their pending holiday meal.

"I just can't belieeeve the caterer wanted to use Chesapeake Bay oysters in the stuffing. Ew! I can barely even chew those."

"And is he bringing better champagne this year? That Brut we had last year was horrid."

Blah blah blah blahhhhhhhhh

Oh, they also looked miserable. And stressed. And like they didn't much appreciate the fact that they had some mother/daughter time to share on Thanksgiving Eve.

And so the moral of this story, folks...

Genuine almost always trumps showy. 

Which would you prefer?

Stovetop stuffing from a bag, mixed with a house of warm, genuine and appreciative friends and family?

Or a lavishly catered affair mixed with a house of showy, unhappy, loud talking one-uppers who can't help but complain when the chef dares to use the incorrect variety of oysters?

Yes, Stovetop. Of course you'd choose the Stovetop.

And so would a hiring manager.

You may not have showy credentials. You may not have an Ivy League degree. Maybe you can't even afford a brand new suit for the interview.

But you can bring on the genuine. And that, friend, will be appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. I sincerely appreciate your following along on JobJenny!