No one really ever teaches us how to be amazing at managing our careers.

Few have gathered around the campfire to share authoritative stories about how to successfully navigate job search (Oh, heck no. We’re all busy eating s’mores and telling ghost stories.)

Exceptional, accessible and easy-to-act-upon career guidance is, at best, scarce to today’s professional. And that’s a real bummer for all of us who are dying to find better jobs, climb up a rung or four on the corporate ladder, or just take CONTROL over our destinies. was born from our belief that it shouldn’t be so stinking hard, overwhelming and confusing to navigate job search, land the promotion, or venture off onto a wildly different – yet exponentially more fun – career path.

In 2010, we took a look around at the services available to professionals and job seekers, and we decided that we could do things better. Much better.


Here at, we are hell bent on making all of this a whole lot easier – and far less boring – for professionals of all flavors. Because you know what? You will never bore anyone into buying what you have to offer – and we know the same goes for us.

Through our blog, 1:1 coaching, resume & cover letter services, online courses, and Ridiculously Awesome guides, we work our pants off (stop that … not literally) to help you navigate and grow your career like a BOSS.

And we insist that you have a little fun along the way.

You deserve a whole lot more. And the world deserves a whole lot more of you.