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 Is your Resume Ridiculously Awesome ?


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Does it showcase the things you're best known for and truly kick ass at?

Does it allow the reviewer to make an instant connection between her "Here's what we need" and your "Here's what <YOUR NAME> brings to the table?

Are you proud to hand the thing out?

More importantly ...

Is your resume landing you job interviews?

(Good ones?)

A ridiculously awesome resume is a cornerstone to landing the interview.

The interview that leads you toward a better, more fulfilling job.

A better, more fulfilling life.

What's your dream?


Do you want to help abuse victims, or beautify the world with your unique art?

Do you want to improve productivity for global manufacturers, dig up artifacts, develop advanced software solutions?

No matter what your career aspirations,  you need a ridiculously awesome resume.

You need a resume that articulates your awesomeness clearly (and instantly) to your target audience (the ones who decide on whether or not they'll call you in for an interview).

Unfortunately, the vast majority of resumes fail at this.

Not because you're not incredible. Not because you don't have wicked smarts, jaw-dropping skills and a super nice smile.


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Most resumes fail because writing a spectacular resume is damned hard.

They fail because so much of the textbooky "how-to" information out there is stale and dated. Some if it's downright wrong.

They fail because no one has told you exactly what will make your resume read as awesome as you are.

Wouldn't it be great ... if someone came along, gave you a big fat hug, and then walked you step-by-step through a proven (over and over again) process of creating your own Ridiculously Awesome Resume?

Wouldn't it be great ... if someone answered all those questions you have about format, fonts, and how to best disguise those awkward career gaps or hiccups?

Wouldn't it be great ... to see some sample Ridiculously Awesome Resumes (and cover letters); resumes of actual people who are now working in amazing new jobs? 

Wouldn't it be great ... to have a professional quality resume, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional resume writer?


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Welcome to the Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit.

It's here. An incredibly nifty and economical tool, the Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit is a magnificent ebook that gives you all of this. And more.

(More! I'm one of those annoying infomercials! You get more! More! More!)

Vanilla doesn't work anymore, folks. Not for one second.

You need a compelling, targeted resume that slaps the reviewer square across the head and says,

"Hey, dummy! I'm not just a decent candidate. I'm THE candidate for this job. Capiche?"

I will teach you how to create this.

I will teach you how to produce a resume that makes you feel proud and capable. A resume that makes your awesomeness abundantly clear to the reader.

A resume that helps you land interviews.

A resume that helps you control your destiny.

As humans, we don't just have the right to find career fulfillment; we have an obligation.

A stupendously great resume can help you get to career fulfillment a hell of a lot faster than those bumbling along with crappy resumes.

You'll find everything you need to craft your own Ridiculously Awesome Resume right here.

And you'll get it all for $39, which is more than 90% less than the cost of the most popular resume package we sell here on JobJenny.com.


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You don't have to pay resume writer prices to have an amazing resume.

The Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit gives you everything you need to pull it off yourself. 

Still thinking about it? Pop over and check out the ebook's table of contents here or check out the early testimonials at the bottom of this page.

You're ridiculously awesome. Let's make sure your resume makes this abundantly clear..

Ready when you are!

$39 - Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit

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p.s. Don't just believe us, believe a few of our Resume Kit customers...


I loved How to Stop Sucking at Job Search & Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit. Both are totally fantastic and extremely helpful. I've gotten so many more interviews as a result of the changes that I made working through the book, it was pretty amazing actually. A few changes made just an impact and helped me be able to speak about myself with more confidence and clarity. Thank you so much for what you're doing. The world needs more of your message, content and YOU CARE factor. -- Michael Hall


"They offered me the job!! Better pay, great benefits, and great people to work with. I'm about 2 days away from giving my notice at my current job and letting everyone know how wonderful your books are...The resume kit provided a unique perspective, and walked me along step-by-step as I wrote each section of my resume and cover letter. This was the first time I have written my resume with confidence, looking at the examples and keywords when I was stuck, and taking the time to really research the organization...Thanks for using your gifts to help many of us reach our goals!" -- Asha Bhaga, Operations Coordinator


"Thank you for writing this! I put the Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit right to work last night. I totally revamped my resume and feel like it is now a thousand times better than any resume I've written in the past. Best of all, your tips and strategies were easy to follow and understand. My previous resume was like a wallflower in a crowded room, shyly trying to be noticed. Now I feel like it's more the life of the party, chatting up with potential employers about what I great candidate I am. I just finished it last night, but I hope to join the JobJenny "I-got-my-dream-job" ranks very soon." -- Jessica P., Marketing & Special Events Planner


"Return that old resume guide to the library! Jenny Foss explains -- in easy-to-follow steps -- how to craft a resume that will land readers a job in THIS century. Both job seekers and HR folks will be grateful she's shared the wisdom gained from nearly a decade as a recruiter, job search advisor and career coach." -- Kristina Marlow, director at legal search firm Lateral Link (and former HR underling)


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