Wondering if we're worth it? Here's what our clients have to say:

The great resume that you provided was a springboard for me to revamp my cover letter, update my Linkedin, and focus more on networking. I received many compliments on my new resume and recently received two offers.

I’m excited to start my new job in a couple of weeks. This was an entirely different experience from my last job search.
— Zakiya B., Human Resources Business Partner
I wanted to thank you once again for your amazing resume and cover letters that you helped to create for me. Because of your insight and knowledge, I just landed a job as the Director of Development at the Animal Shelter and Humane Society!
— Deanna A., Director of Development
I got an offer late Thursday. It was a little low, so I countered. After the LOOOOONGEST weekend, they came back to me late yesterday and I accepted - huzzah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really can’t thank you enough for all your help and hard work. The SVP was really impressed with my resume (especially the format and layout). It’s hard to believe it all came together so quickly.

— Julie L., Media Licensing Professional
Thank you so much! I enjoyed getting some real advice on how to pull off the career change. I have succeeded!!!! Amazing job, amazing company, and finally, I’m out of the field I’ve been trying to get out of for four years. After talking to you I got out in 6 weeks! Thank you so so much!!!
— Vince B. Logistics & Client Relations Manager
I can’t imagine going back to my old resume which was way too long, way too boring and didn’t highlight the direction I want my career to go. I’ve sent my resume out twice and landed two in-person interviews which led to two job offers.
— Nicole DeCosta, Writer/Producer
You have built me a resume I am proud of, and saved me from the pile of mundane. I have reviewed other candidates’ resumes since we last spoke and I have seen some very unfortunate ones. I highly recommend your service to anyone looking to improve their trajectory.
— Ashvin V., Medical Doctor
I loved both the Job Search Kit and the Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit. Both are totally fantastic and extremely helpful. I’ve gotten so many more interviews as a result of the changes that I made working through the book, it was pretty amazing actually ... Thank you so much for what you’re doing. The world needs more of your message, content and YOU CARE factor.
— Michael Hall, International Program Executive
I had to let you know that I sent my resume/LinkedIn profile to three companies and I have gotten an interview from EVERY ONE! So I’m super happy with what you did. It’s been so helpful. Thanks a lot, Jenny!
— Janet R., Technology Sales Specialist
It was crazy! In one week I had five companies interviewing me and three offers. I ended up going with the company I’ve been dreaming about working for since I got out of school and when they heard I had five other companies interested they upped the offer by $10K. I was in awe.

Thanks again, Jenny! You really did help me more than you know!
— Paul Letourneau, Digital Strategist, Marketing Leader
You are a goddess! I was offered the job. on. the. spot! 35K increase from what I’m currently making, and that’s not including the $10K signing bonus! Dear god, I’m kinda shaking a little ;-) Thanks again for your hard work.
— Mike Auteri, Sr. Web Developer
So your brilliant resume writing magic did wonders for me! I had a couple call backs for the first time... ever! And I reached out to people and actually found some that worked at the companies I was looking at. I finally had a plan and an awesome resume and... (drum roll please!) found a new job/career! YAY!

It’s a wonderful opportunity and a giant step into a better career... and life. So thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. Again, you are my hero.
— Michael N., Project Manager, Client Relations Leader
I cannot believe how much has changed for me since we met last month. I turned my focus totally on my business, and the days are just flying by. I have landed three clients. Two people want me to consider being a partner in their ventures, and well…I’m having fun. Real, honest-to-god, fun.

Thank you so much! The much needed goal setting plan and kick in the ass got me going again.
— Shannon M., Marketing Strategist, Social Media Consultant
I had to share this update with you and express my profound thanks to you for everything! Back in May we had a Skype chat and you crafted a Ridiculously Awesome Resume and a cover letter for me, which I sent to . This was THE company, THE job I wanted. Their HR department called me in June after I first applied and said they had already filled the position but they loved my resume and asked me to re-apply when they posted another position. One month later, I did just that, and after a series of interviews - was offered the job, for more money than I had asked for!

I couldn’t have even got my foot in the door without such an impressive, creative and well written resume and cover letter. I can’t thank you enough. My first day at my new job is Monday! I’m thrilled!!
— Lauren B., Administrative Assistant, Office Manager
Please let me express to you my appreciation the quality of my resume and LinkedIn profile. You truly get it. I am so pleased — I wish I had found you before I wasted all that money on the other firms.

Great job!
— Marian R., Senior Administrative Professional