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Resources (Stuff We Love)

Welcome to the Resources section, a list of resources and tools (offered by providers we know and trust) that we strongly recommend for those navigating though job search or working to improve or pivot their careers (and lives!). 

** Important Disclosure: The links below are affiliate links. Should you move forward and purchase any of the resources below, we will earn a small commission from the sale. Please understand that we are recommending each of these tools because we feel they are genuinely useful, and may support you as you work to grow or transition your career.

Figure Out What You Want (a free, 8-day email course)

Scott Barlow is truly one of the good guys in the career / job search space. And he knows his stuff, inside and out. Scott launched Happen to Your Career a few years ago, after spending several years in the wrong corporate job (and nearly getting fired!) He created a systematic plan to get himself out of that career, and into one that is much, much more fulfilling. And today, he offers several courses and coaching programs to help other people figure out what fits, and launch a plan that gets them there. Be sure and check out his free, 8-day email course, Figure Out What Fits. (His podcasts are great, too!)

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Fearless Salary Negotiation

Josh Doody doubled his salary in three years by fearlessly negotiating with his employer. The computer and electrical engineer (and MBA) went on to create a book, worksheets and multiple courses designed to help professionals across all levels earn tens of thousands of extra dollars, by effectively negotiated their salaries. Josh is one of the good guys and it's exciting to see such a useful product, for both job seekers and those seeking to improve heir positions with their current employers.

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How to Interview Better Than 99% of the People in the World

If you want to understand the game that’s being played in interviews across the country -- and use this knowledge to land your Dream Job (and score a major raise!) -- then you’ve got to meet Ramit Sethi. 

He’s a New York Times Best-selling author, who has been offered jobs at Google, Intuit, 
AND a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund. And then went on to help thousands of other
people find their Dream Jobs — beating out people with 10+ years experience and nailing
interview after interview. 

In this video, Ramit will show what it really takes to walk away from an interview with a job offer — instead of scratching your head wondering what went wrong -- and how to interview better than 99% of people in the world.

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Get Rich Slowly

Written by J.D. Roth, the creator of the blog, this 52-week course takes participants through the very same exercises that Roth used a decade ago, to dig himself out of more than $35,000 in consumer debt. Today, he’s debt-free and has over $1 million in the bank. This course comes in several flavors, starting at $39.

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Loft Resumes

While it's (incredibly) important to have a clean, straightforward version of your resume at-the-ready for every instance in which you're uploading the document into an applicant tracking system (resume scanning software), there are occasions in which a highly stylized resume may help you seal the deal. Loft Resumes offers a bunch of eye-catching resume templates at a screaming $99 price point. Even better, they lay your resume into the template for you, so you don't have to fuss with it. This is a great option for people in creative, visual career fields.

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