When you’re ready to make a career move, two of the first Questions people are going to ask are:

“What are you looking to do?” and “Can you shoot me a copy of your resume?”

These people – whether they’re recruiters, networking contacts or hiring managers – are also going to sleuth you out online. And, you better believe they’re going to quickly land on your LinkedIn profile.

You’d best make it worth their while. And you sure as heck want to make sure this is all is worth your while.

We’re not just talking about a job here. This is your vocation, your livelihood … your contribution to this world.

You owe it to yourself to get it right.

We’ll help you get it right.

need help defining & strategizing?

If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking to do next, check out our Consulting services. Even if you have just a ballpark idea of that next big thing, we can help you fine-tune the definition and begin building a solid plan of attack.

need help with the paperwork?

Your resume and LinkedIn profile are your two most important marketing tools when it comes to branding yourself professionally and making it clear that you’re an amazing fit for the types of roles you’d love to land.

You need to make it smack-in-the-forehead obvious that you have the firepower, the personality and the key skills that will prompt a decision maker to drop everything and pay attention to YOU.

This tends to be challenging for a lot of people, even you really smart, pedigreed or all-around incredible superstars (And let’s be honest, you’re all incredible superstars.)

It feels awkward to promote ourselves. Many of us have been raised to be humble and never over-toot our horns. And so, we tend to dramatically under-toot our horns, which isn’t going to do anyone any favors right about now.

we got you covered

If you’re looking for strategic guidance or horn-tooting help (with your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile – or – all three), you’ve come to the right place.

Each month, we offer a limited number of 1:1 services to JobJenny.com clients.

These include standalone coaching and resume offerings, as well as our bestselling packages, which roll together things like resumes, LinkedIn makeovers, cover letters and strategic counsel into various bundles of goodness.

(Our bundled options and VIP Day with Jenny are great for anyone who needs help with both the strategy and the paperwork.)

We’ll do the heavy lifting in getting you prepared, so you can light it right up out there as you dive into your job search or career pivot.


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