Ridiculously Awesome Career Pivot Kit - What's Inside?

Why we’re Here / Who This Book Is For

Chapter One
The Aha Moment (Or, When You Realize It’s Time)

Chapter Two
Where the Heck to Begin with This

Chapter Three
The What? The Why? The What’s It Gonna Take?

Chapter Four
Build the Game Plan

Chapter Five
Make It Easy to “Get” You (Shifting Your Brand)

Chapter Six
Mobilize Your Posse to Work for You

Chapter Seven
Get in Cahoots With Industry Influencers

Chapter Eight
What to Do About That Pesky Resume & LinkedIn Profile

Chapter Nine
Evaluate Your Progress

Chapter Ten
What to Do When It Gets Scary (Your Pep Talk)

Appendix A
The Q’s We Hear Most Often (& Our Very Best A’s)

Appendix B
Proof: People Who Did It

Appendix C
Signs That it’s Time to Make a Change 

Appendix D
Career Pivot Questionnaire (A mini roadmap)

Appendix E
Sample Resumes of Career Pivoters

Ridiculously Awesome Career Pivot Kit
I’m Ready to Pivot