The Full Sweep (All Three Kits in One)
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The Full Sweep

Oh, hey there, career changer.

Are you looking for help in constructing a winning career pivot plan, and also suddenly realizing, “Wait just a cotton pickin’ minute … If I’m going to shake things up here, will I need a new resume and LinkedIn profile, too?”

(Yes, yes you will.)

The Full Sweep is just for you. This tidy, easy-to-digest package bundles up our Ridiculously Awesome Career Pivot Kit, Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit and Ridiculously Awesome LinkedIn Kit at a rocking discounted price of $59 (reg. $117).

Allow us to do the math (which is nearly hysterical if you know us):

We’re offering THREE great career change resources at (just about) half the price you’d pay if you purchased them a la carte (feel free to do that if you like us that much.)

Good things come in threes. Here’s proof positive.

You are a goddess! I was offered the job. on. the. spot! 35K increase from what I’m currently making, and that’s not including the $10K signing bonus! Dear god, I’m kinda shaking a little ;-) Thanks again for your hard work.
— Mike Auteri, Sr. Web Developer