Terms of Service

Last updated 1/1/2018

Thank you for purchasing a resume, LinkedIn makeover, cover letter or strategic consulting package (or bundled service) from JobJenny.com, LLC. We look forward to supporting you through your job search or career transition.

As we kick things off, we want to make sure we're on the same page, and that you have a clear understanding of our practices and policies. 

If, as you review this (and / or any time throughout our project) you have any questions whatsoever about the project, process or the policies outlined, please contact Jenny Foss at jenny@jobjenny.com or Karen Friesen at karen@jobjenny.com right away. We are firmly committed to providing an outstanding customer experience and delivering end products that exceed your expectations.

You have engaged JobJenny.com, LLC to provide career-related writing and / or consulting services. These services will be provided by company founder Jenny Foss, senior copywriter Karen Friesen or an assigned team member via phone (or Skype) and e-mail, unless other arrangements are agreed upon at the start of the consulting package. 

Please be aware of the following expectations and terms of your agreement with JobJenny.com. In booking your initial consult (or, in the case of a cover letter order, in responding to the project kickoff email with cover letter details), you affirm your knowledge and agreement to the following:


Your identity and the nature of your sessions will be kept private from any third parties unless you provide written consent. Even if you refer a future client (big thank you if this is the case), JobJenny.com will not assume that this individual knows you have personally engaged our services on prior occasion, nor will we reveal this to the referee, unless the individual expressly indicates prior knowledge that you have worked directly with us, and that you shared this information with the referee. 

There are 2 exceptions to confidentiality:
1.    When disclosure is imminent to prevent harm to yourself or others;
2.    When legal demands require that confidential material be released;

Document Integrity

Assuming you have ordered a package that includes a written product, we will be constructing and editing your materials in Microsoft Word, using standard PC fonts. We request that you have the ability to read and provide feedback via Microsoft Word’s track changes feature. If you need to make alternate arrangements, it’s generally not a problem, but please alert us in advance.

We’ll be using our team’s advanced proofreading and editing techniques – along with spellcheck – to help ensure the correctness and accuracy of your final documents, but in engaging our services, you accept responsibility to proofread each deliverable closely, and give final approval upon completion.

Turnaround Time / Scheduling

On each Services page on JobJenny.com, we regularly post and update our current availability / date upon which we can kick off a new project. Please be sure that this launch timing aligns with your level of urgency prior to placing an order. 

Once you place an order, you will receive an immediate confirmation email, which will contain next steps for the project. You will then, within one business day, receive a comprehensive kickoff email for the project and – if appropriate – a link into the JobJenny.com calendar, so that you may book your initial consult. 

Due to consistently high client demand, we are rarely able to accommodate RUSH projects. If you wish to discuss an accelerated timeline in advance, please contact Karen Friesen at karen@jobjenny.com.

In order for us to help you move through the project efficiently, we ask that you promptly complete and return any provided questionnaire and / or forward materials that we request in the project kickoff email. Our turnaround times will directly correlate with your timing in providing us completed questionnaire, requested supplemental input, responses to our inquiries and feedback on works in progress.

JobJenny.com, LLC reserves the right to extend the deadline of the project and/or quote an expanded project fee if you request or require work that extends beyond the scope of the service or package ordered.

Refund Policy

Payments for completed services are non-refundable. Likewise, if you order a bundled package and do not utilize all the components of it, we do not adjust pricing. However, we will accommodate you should you wish to “bank” any project elements in the short-term (for example, you ordered a cover letter and aren’t quite ready to pursue a specific job.)

If you blip off our radar mid-project, we'll likely follow up with a gentle reminder but we won't hound you to finish up your project. Our goal is to complete any order completed within 30 days of our initial consult.

If you discontinue communication with us, we reserve the right to consider your project abandoned and complete 90 days from your initial purchase, at which point no refunds will be issued.

This is not because we are mean (we are very unmean); it's because it is difficult to manage our flow of client projects when long-absent clients pop up when we're not expecting you.

Should you need a project extension for any reason, please contact Karen Friesen at karen@jobjenny.com to discuss.

Quality / Satisfaction Guarantee

At JobJenny.com, we guarantee quality work and that we will work with you to maximize the effectiveness of your strategy and / or your written documents. We do not guarantee a job, promotion or other result apart from our counsel or written documents. In engaging our services, you agree that you have full responsibility for building and executing an impactful job search strategy that lands you interviews and, ultimately, a new role.

If, however, you are unsatisfied with the product we create for you, you may request a revision for up to 60 days after receipt of a final draft.
You are expected to provide feedback / edits on any documents provided to you by JobJenny.com within 30 days of receiving the document. If we do not receive comments from you or a request for an extension within 30 days of our delivery of a document to you, we will consider your package forfeited.

Also, you are expected to provide responses to any questions posed during your consult within 30 days of receiving those questions. If we do not receive answers or a request for an extension from you within 30 days, we will consider your package forfeited.

Agreement to Participate Fully in the Process

Our ability to help you transform your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter and / or job search strategy is dependent on your willingness to partner with us through the process. You’ve hired us to do the heavy lifting, for certain. But your input – via the JobJenny questionnaire, consulting session and through follow up questions and emails – is vital.

In engaging our services, you agree that you will complete the requested questionnaire(s) and participate fully and cooperatively in our information gathering processes. In exchange for your participation, we will provide our professional writing, coaching and strategy services.

Your contributions through the process will be extremely beneficial to you, and help ensure exceptional results.


JobJenny.com, LLC is not liable for any inaccurate, incorrect, or misleading information in the prepared materials; the client has an opportunity to review the materials and approve the entire content prior to delivery. JobJenny.com LLC can only accept liability limited to completion of the work each client orders and based on the information client provides during consultation. 

JobJenny.com will not confirm or attempt to verify information provided by client and will not be responsible for the accuracy or truthfulness of the information provided by client. Service provider is not responsible for consequential damages of any kind that client may incur from inaccurate documents.

In engaging the services of JobJenny.com, LLC, you expressly agree to all terms outlined in this agreement. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Jenny Foss at jenny@jobjenny.com.