FAQ (for Y-O-U)

Answers! I need answers, I say!

Of course you do. We'd never expect you to make a substantial investment in your personal and professional well-being without feeling perfectly clear and comfortable about how we run the joint. Here are the most common Q's we hear from prospective clients, and our ever-so-thoughtful A's. 

First things first

How long will my project take?
Here’s a quick rundown of how our process works:

  1. You place your order right here online . As soon as your order is complete, we will send an immediate confirmation and then be back in your inbox again within one business day, to formally kick off the project. We'll begin gathering information and share a link to our consult calendar, so that you may book a convenient time for your consult (or your first consult).

  2. The initial consult -- done via phone or Skype (unless you happen to live in the Portland, OR area and wish to meet in person) -- marks your project kickoff, and generally happens 5-12 business days from when your order is received, depending on current backlog. The consult is our strategy session, and an important opportunity to get to know you, find out exactly where you are in your career / job search and learn about your specific goals and needs.

  3. At the end of the initial consult, we’ll work on our game plan and quote you a draft delivery date. For resumes, we typically run about 5-8 business days. For cover letters, we have a 1-3 business day turnaround.

  4. Any other services you have ordered as part of your package can be scheduled when you are ready, subject to our Terms of Service.

What do you mean by “business day”?
We stick to the old-fashioned Monday thru Friday workweek, championed by the U.S. government and the stock market. Following this calendar, 7 business days from Monday, say, would be the following week’s Wednesday.

On weekends, we like to grocery shop, go to soccer games and reacquaint ourselves with the people who live in our homes. (Who are we kidding? We don't really like to grocery shop.)

What if I have a “rush” project?
We know how important this is. This is your career … Heck, this is your life. So we truly understand your sense of urgency. Even so, we don’t promote the “rush job” philosophy. Why not? Because we believe strongly that your project is an important investment. It is worthy of your time, reflection and participation. It is worthy of OUR commitment to crafting the most effective marketing documents we can to help you through your career transition. Pulling all of this off takes a bit of time.  (Also -- We're almost always booked 1-2 weeks in advance, so squeezing urgent assignments in presents a formidable challenge. We are always, however, happy to suggest alternate resources should we be unable to accommodate your timeline.)

What is your refund policy?
Payments for completed services are non-refundable. Likewise, if you order a bundled package and do not utilize all the components of it, we do not adjust pricing. However, we will accommodate you should you wish to “bank” any project elements in the short-term (for example, you ordered a cover letter and aren’t quite ready to pursue a specific job.)

If you blip off our radar mid-project, we'll follow up with a gentle reminder but we won't hound you to finish up your project. That's not our style. After our initial contact with you, we need your help and input to keep things rolling. Our goal is to complete your order within 30 days of our initial consult.

If you make it to our Houdini list (yes, we really have one), we reserve the right to consider your project abandoned and complete 90 days from your initial purchase, and no refunds will be offered.

Should you need an extension for any reason, we are pretty nice and will work to accommodate you. Please contact Karen Friesen at karen@jobjenny.com if you wish to discuss.


What if I want to upgrade the package I ordered?
Have we completely dazzled you? If you decide you want more JobJenny.com services than you originally signed up for, we are happy to oblige. If we offer a bundled package that includes the additional services you seek (for instance, you ordered a resume but now want to add a cover letter), we will simply upgrade you to the larger package and bill you the difference vs. charging what is a substantially higher a la carte price.  We’re kinda awesome like that.

I saw a resume service for $199. What makes you different / better?
Why, thank you for asking. While we don’t know the entire scoop on that service you’re eyeing, what sets JobJenny.com apart from many resume providers is we are not a resume mill. We don’t simply plug a few personal details about you into a template, hit send and call it a day. (Which is one more reason why we don’t do “rush” jobs). 

When you invest in a Ridiculously Awesome Resume, you receive strategic, one-on-one counsel at the front end of your project, which sets the stage for a customized final product. We roll up our sleeves, cook up a strategy that's unique to you, then construct a marketing document that is specifically designed to support your goals and dazzle the pants off your target audience.    

Getting your project just right takes a little longer and we dig a little deeper because our final product – your final product – matters to us. We are proud of our process, and the positive results we see among clients.

Can I use a fancy design template for my resume?
Our answer is a resounding and qualified…. sometimes. Or, it depends. A challenge for today’s job seekers lies within the applicant tracking system (ATS), which can be hard-pressed to read or process anything with “flair” – including uncommon fonts, graphics, layouts or anything affixed with a BeDazzler.  These design touches can easily disrupt the scanning / parsing of the resume into the ATS, sending a resume into that mysterious universe previously inhabited only by socks that went missing in the laundry.

The exception to this is those instances when you will be emailing the resume directly to someone, posting to your own website/personal portfolio or handing it to a live, 3D human being. (But even then, don’t go overboard.)

The Ridiculously Awesome Resume favors a clean, contemporary format, using common PC fonts and ample white space. Our experience shows that this approach makes for an ATS-friendly resume and a readable, easy-on-the-eyes experience for the recipient. That said, we appreciate the notion of jazzing things up a bit. For clients that want a stylized version of their resume, we highly recommend Loft Resumes.

What kind of guarantee do you guys offer?
While we certainly will move mountains to ensure complete customer satisfaction, we don't guarantee that you will have a new job within __ days after working with us. And here is why: We are strong believers that the success of your job search relies on both the quality of your resume (we’ve got you covered there) and – equally important – the strategy you employ in pursuing your career goals. 

Your amazing resume won't do much for you if you don't also employ a killer job search strategy. And as much as we'd like to  henpeck you daily to get 'er done, we don't yet have a large enough support team to chase you down if you don't go make things happen. (Not to mention, that'd be a bit creepy.)

Now, don't get us wrong. We strive, with every single client, to get it right. And we’ll help you strategize along the way,If you still need reassurance, check out some reviews of our work. (You'll also find us over on Yelp.)  And if you ever feel we've missed the mark? We'll do everything we can to ensure you're delighted with the final product.

Cover Letters

Can I order a “generic” cover letter?
Yes, but. (We know. That barely qualifies as a sentence.) 

Let us explain.

By “generic,” we think you mean a letter that spells out your awesomeness, but is not directed toward a specific job or a specific employer, right? Yes, we will do one, but we have seen much faster results among our clients who use a customized cover letter, targeted toward a specific job opening.

The cover letter is your opportunity to tell a potential employer exactly who you are, why you want to work there and – based on our understanding of that position – exactly what you can deliver. We can help make you a “smack in the forehead” obvious match for a job when we tailor it to the job description provided. It also gives us an opportunity to reflect the company’s tone and personality in the writing. (You want to make it instantly clear that you’ll fit in around the joint, right?)

So yes, if you absolutely must have a generic cover letter, we will happily write one for you. But first, be sure it is the best use of your investment. 

But what if I’m not ready to pick a job for my cover letter?
Not to worry. Most of our clients bank their cover letters for 1-4 weeks after their resume is completed to reflect for a bit and research a fresh opportunity to pursue. 

If you are having trouble finding an opportunity that interests you, or simply need extra time to dive into the search, we can bank that letter for longer – up to 90 days. Please just let us what your plans are. Also, keep in mind that our calendar tends to fill fast with new projects, so please give us a heads up reasonably in advance of when you need your letter so we can schedule yours in ASAP.

LinkedIn Profile Makeovers

By "makeover," do you mean that I have to have a profile to begin with?
Yes. You will need to -- at the least -- have a profile established, even if it has not been fully populated with your professional information. We can't set up a profile in your name. Not sure how to do it? Head right over HERE.  Also, if you do not have detailed info about your professional experience in your current LinkedIn profile, you will need to provide a resume or detailed career chronology. If you don't have a current resume OR LinkedIn profile, consider ordering our Resume + LinkedIn Makeover Service. 

Can I talk things over with a JobJenny.com team member before you get to work?
Yes, of course. Our LinkedIn Makeover Service  — which is available with our Whole Enchilada, Resume + LinkedIn Makeover and El Presidente packages — includes a 20-30 minute phone consult with Jenny. We'll talk through your needs / goals, answer your questions, and share ideas on how we can optimize your profile, before we get to work. 

Can I get your recommendations in a separate document before you make changes in my profile?
We will actually deliver your makeover either as a PDF document  - or -  we'll upload the new profile for you  (with your permission, of course). Most of our clients prefer that we work directly in their LinkedIn profiles, but we never require that access if you'd prefer to do it yourself. We ask that you choose one option, but  we'll happily quote a custom project fee if you'd like both.

I'm worried that my co-workers will see all of the edits you're making and wonder what I'm up to.
It's good that you're considering this! Many of our clients are covert job seekers. When we upload your new profile into LinkedIn, the very first thing we do is turn off the settings that alert your network of all of the edits / changes taking place. Because, yes, when they see a bunch of edits happening all at once? They'll wonder what you're up to.

I feel like I could do this myself if I had some instruction. Do you have a how-to guide for LinkedIn?
Absolutely. Check out our Ridiculously Awesome LinkedIn Kit. In it, we walk you through the process of developing or fine-tuning your LinkedIn profile. It also provides tips and tricks that will help you use LinkedIn to your best advantage throughout your job search and beyond.