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Ridiculously Awesome LinkedIn Kit
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LinkedIn Kit

OK, so you're ON LinkedIn...Are you using it to your best advantage?

Are you leveraging the power of this incredible social media platform as you work to change jobs, pivot your career or build a powerful professional brand?

Do you understand that 94%+ of all recruiters today use LinkedIn as their primary sourcing tool when they're looking for candidates to fill open positions?

(Holy heck. Did she just say 94%? Yes, yes she did.)

So, what does that mean?

It means that, if your profile isn’t pulling its weight, guess who those recruiters are finding (and contacting, and interviewing, and hiring) right this very minute?

Yes, that’d be not you. Let’s flip the script on this one.

Let’s make sure you’re showing up strong for those great opportunities that will surely come along. Let’s make sure you understand how, specifically, you can use LinkedIn as a vital tool for job search, as well as ongoing tool for career networking, establishing thought leadership and professional development.

Let’s use this baby to light it UP out there. Shall we?

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