Support For Executives

When you’re the top dog (or darned close to the top of the food chain), making a career move can present all of the usual challenges professionals face when shifting roles … and then some.

First, there’s the time. Oh, man, the time. Where will you find enough to give this the focus and attention it deserves?

Next, there’s the secrecy. It’s a small, small world in many industries. How do you start sniffing around without everyone (and their brother) knowing what you’re up to?

And finally – and this is especially true if you haven’t been a job seeker in, oh, forever – where do you even begin?

You absolutely earned your spot because you’re great at what you do. You know how to make decisions. You lead like a champ. You can negotiate with the best of them. You’re the go-to expert in a lot of things … except this.

Fear not

Nobody goes to school and learns how to be great at changing jobs. We never learn it on-the-job and, often, the advice we’ve maybe been given along the way is biased, outdated or flat-out inaccurate.

The good news is that your goals and challenges are all likely quite addressable. And we can help you fine-tune those goals, cook up a strategy and construct the marketing materials you’ll need to pull this off.

Our El Presidente and VIP Day with Jenny packages are designed with busy executives in mind. Each package provides comprehensive support with strategy and the paperwork (resume, LinkedIn profile, pitch letters, etc.), and does so with your tiny little windows of availability in mind.

Need help getting prepared? Check out Jenny’s “How to Nail the Job Search When You’re a Busy Exec (with Zero Time)” on The Muse.