Wow!! This is the most spectacular cover letter I have ever read! I would totally read this letter if it came across my desk! I’m so excited to start using it.
— Scott D., Client Services Leader
The help you gave me with my resume and LinkedIn presence was instrumental in landing my new job! Had I not contacted you for help with my LinkedIn page, I likely would not have been found by my new employer. You brought out the important skill sets that attracted the attention I needed to achieve this next step! Mission accomplished, Jenny!
— Pam M., Mortgage Lending Executive
After completing the Weekend Resume Makeover, I felt compelled to reach out and express my undying gratitude for what I gained from following your advice. Rebuilding my resume using your guidance was Hard. Work. And it yielded what is undoubtedly the best resume I have ever had.

I am grateful to you for offering up something of such amazing value.
— Vicky B.
I got an offer late Thursday - huzzah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really can’t thank you enough for all your help and hard work. The SVP was really impressed with my resume (especially the format and layout). It’s hard to believe it all came together so quickly. THANK YOU!!!!
— Julie L., Sr. Media Consultant
My first reaction after reading the cover letter was, “Holy sh_t, that’s awesome!” It’s way more than I anticipated. Thank you for all your help! I can’t wait to apply!
— Geoff M., Sr. Marketing Leader
Just a quick note to say how much I loved your Resume Makeover Course and your website. You have taken a really awkward, mundane and confusing – yet vital – task and given it attitude and swagger. Many thanks for the insight!
— Aaron N., Quality Assurance Leader
I took my new resume draft and used it to apply to a senior marketing leadership role on Friday. They called me today (Monday) and I have a phone interview tomorrow. So, I’m already one for one on the new resume. Thanks!
— Susan K., Director of Marketing
I’ve accepted a job with _________ . I wanted to thank you so much for your support. After completing your Weekend Resume Makeover and Cover Letter Crash Course, I was able to produce a resume and cover letter that were professional, visually appealing and far more streamlined - something I struggled to do on my own. That confidence also translated into how I spoke during interviews and with recruiters. Big, fat, take-your-breath-away hugs to you from this forever fan, and with enormous amounts of gratitude.
— Kim A., Regional Training Manager
The great resume that you provided was a springboard for me to revamp my cover letter, update my Linkedin, and focus more on networking. I received many compliments on my new resume and recently received two offers.

I’m excited to start my new job in a couple of weeks. This was an entirely different experience from my last job search.
— Zakiya B., Human Resources Business Partner
I wanted to thank you once again for your amazing resume and cover letters that you helped to create for me. Because of your insight and knowledge, I just landed a job as the Director of Development at the Animal Shelter and Humane Society!
— Deanna A., Director of Development
Thank you so much! I enjoyed getting some real advice on how to pull off the career change. I have succeeded!!!! Amazing job, amazing company, and finally, I’m out of the field I’ve been trying to get out of for four years. After talking to you I got out in 6 weeks! Thank you so so much!!!
— Vince B. Logistics & Client Relations Manager
I had to let you know that I sent my resume/LinkedIn profile to three companies and I have gotten an interview from EVERY ONE! So I’m super happy with what you did. It’s been so helpful. Thanks a lot, Jenny!
— Janet R., Technology Sales Specialist
You are a goddess! I was offered the job. on. the. spot! 35K increase from what I’m currently making, and that’s not including the $10K signing bonus! Dear god, I’m kinda shaking a little ;-) Thanks again for your hard work.
— Mike Auteri, Sr. Web Developer
It was crazy! In one week I had five companies interviewing me and three offers. I ended up going with the company I’ve been dreaming about working for since I got out of school and when they heard I had five other companies interested they upped the offer by $10K. I was in awe.

Thanks again, Jenny! You really did help me more than you know!
— Paul Letourneau, Digital Strategist, Marketing Leader