Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays! We hope are enjoying every little bit of the season. (Perhaps you, too, ate four homemade cookies for breakfast today.)

Each year at this time, we take a bit of a breather with our families (Jenny travels to see hers in the Midwest).

We’d love to chat with you and / or work with you in the new year. Please take a peek below for our business hours across the holiday weeks.

Our holiday availability:

Dec. 24-26 - Offices closed

Dec. 27-28 - Limited consult availability

Dec. 31 - Jan. 2 - Offices closed

Jan. 2 - Our supply of 1:1 services for January become available, bright and early. Reminder: We usually sell out fast. (Details HERE.)

Jan. 3 - Jan. 4 - Limited consult availability (Karen only)

We sincerely appreciate your interest and hope to work with you in December, or the new year!