Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit - What's Inside?

Chapter One
Why I wrote this, and why you need a Ridiculously Awesome Resume 

Chapter Two
Fundamentals of a Ridiculously Awesome Resume 

Chapter Three
Don’t just sit there. Strategize. Organize. Launch. 

Chapter Four
The structure. The sections. The formatting. 

Chapter Five
Common mistakes and the stuff you must leave off at all costs 

Chapter Six
It’s time to draft a resume 

Chapter Seven
Creating, finalizing and saving the thing 

Chapter Eight
Customizing for different job opportunities 

Chapter Nine
The questions I hear all the time, and my answers to them 

Chapter Ten
What you need to know if you apply for jobs via online application processes (aka “the black hole”) 

Chapter Eleven
A few success stories, so you know that this formula really works

Chapter Twelve
A word (or 1,000) about cover letters 

Chapter Thirteen
Carpe the hell out of this diem 

Appendix A
Ridiculously Awesome Resume Questionnaire 

Appendix B
Sample resumes (& cover letters). Raid them as     you please 

Appendix C
79 Most Awesome Resume Words

Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit
I’m Ready for a Ridiculously Awesome Resume