Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit
I’m Ready for a Ridiculously Awesome Resume

Resume Kit

Is your resume ridiculously awesome?

Does it make it easy for your target employer to quickly connect the dots between their “Here’s what we need” and your “Here’s what YOU can walk through our doors and deliver”?

Guys, here’s the thing: No one is going to deduce how or why you make sense for the job you want next. They won’t do this for a lot of reasons, but here’s the most important one:

It’s not the person on the receiving end of your resume’s job to make you make sense for any given role.

It’s yours.

You’ve got to make it “smack-in-the-forehead” obvious how and why you’re a great fit for the types of roles you’re pursuing.

You’ve also got to satisfy every reviewer of your resume – the resume scanning software (that has the power to bounce you before a human ever lays eyes on it), the HR person (who’s going to breeze through that resume to see if you’re qualified enough to move forward in the process, and your future boss.

Deep breaths. We got this.

Enter the Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit.

We’ll walk you through the same proven process our team has used to develop hundreds (oh, my lord, hunnndreds) of resumes on behalf of our clients. We’ll also answer the resume questions we hear most often, and share sample resumes and templates.

And best of all? We’ll do it in a way that isn’t just completely survivable (it is, promise), but actually a bit enjoyable. That’s right: enjoyable.

Are you ready to knock this baby out of the park? Let’s get started.

(Care to see the Table of Contents? Right HERE.)

I took my new resume draft and used it to apply to a senior marketing leadership role on Friday. They called me today (Monday) and I have a phone interview tomorrow. So, I’m already one for one on the new resume. Thanks!
— Susan K. - Director of Marketing

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