And we're live. Welcome to the Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit.




I'm so excited to finally have this baby done, and to make it available to you.

Today we launch the Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit, a step-by-step guide designed to help you craft a resume that showcases the stuff you're best known for, most proud of and can just kick a## at for your future employer.

A resume that recruiters and hiring managers will spend more than 20 seconds on. A resume that may lead you toward something amazing.

The kit walks readers through the same process I use when crafting a Ridiculously Awesome Resume for clients, without the price tag of a professional resume writer.

It also includes:

  • Answers to the resume questions I hear most often
  • Sample resumes and cover letters (pillage as you wish)
  • A list of my absolute favorite resume words

You can get the complete scoop, and order if you're interested, right HERE.