The Full Sweep (All Three Kits in One)

The Full Sweep (All Three Kits in One)


Oh, hey there, career pivoter. Are you looking for help in constructing your career change game plan, and also realizing that this is going to impact your resume and your LinkedIn profile? (Of course, it is.)

Here’s something just for you. The Full Sweep bundles up our Ridiculously Awesome Career Pivot Kit, Ridiculously Awesome Resume Kit and Ridiculously Awesome LinkedIn Kit at a tidy discounted price of $59 (reg. $117).

THREE great career change resources at half the price you’d pay for them a la carte.

Why not, right?

Full Sweep Me UP

The Full Sweep is for you if:

  • You’re thinking about making a career pivot, but feeling overwhelmed about where to begin, or how to put together a game plan.

  • You realize that, when you make a career pivot, you’re going to need to modify your resume and your LinkedIn profile so that you make sense to this new audience you’re trying to influence.

  • You want professional support without the price tag of 1:1 professional services.

  • You understand that LinkedIn is a vital networking, job search and recruitment tool, but you are confused about what you should say, how you should say it, and how you can harness the power of LinkedIn to your massive advantage.

  • You like saving money. If purchased separately, the kits are $39/each. You get them here for $59 total!