You're working. Your resume is on Monster. Let's go over this again.

It's a bit of a conundrum, I know.

You want out from your current employer. Sometimes, big time.

But you don't want to be FIRED in the process of finding that spectacular new gig. Of course you don't.

Just a very quick Friday reminder to all ye who seek while still with job:

When you put your resume up on a job board (a la Monster, CareerBuilder, etc.)?

Any employer with a paid subscription to said job board...can see you.

And often? HR department peeps make a semi-regular hobby out of putting their own company name in as the search key words.

Just to see who's lookin'.

If that's OK by you, no worries. If you don't want the boss to know you're trying like heck to jump?

Consider a confidential resume on the job boards OR don't post your resume there. Instead, build your job search strategy around other tactics.

(Yes, I can help you think through "other tactics." That's what that little "Consulting" button up above is for.)

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