So if you can't find a job, why not make one?

I've talked to a handful of really frustrated, scared job seekers this week.

They're tired from the hunt.

They're running out of money.

They're depressed.

From this vantage point, it stands to reason that conducting an effective job search can be very difficult. Impossible even.

My heart beyond breaks when I hear stories of such struggle. I want to give everyone in this boat a giant hug, a warm blanket, and some sort of casserole that doesn't incorporate tuna.

There now. Feeling a little better just thinking all that non-tuna coziness? Good.

Because I want to suggest something:

If you can't find a job, and you're running out of money? It's probably time to make your own job.

At least for the interim.

But Jenny, that's so daunting. Jenny, I don't know the first thing about running my own business. Jenny, I don't have the money to launch something. Jenny...I CAN'T.

Errrrrk! (My brakes sound, if this isn't abundantly obvious)

You can. You need to. Screw your head on and consider this...

There are several businesses that:

  • Are quite easy to fire up
  • Are inexpensive to launch
  • Can operate on flexible schedules (so that you can keep up the job hunt, if you choose), and
  • Can provide you enough cash to survive this

And the huge, huge added benefit? If you throw yourself into something that will better your situation RIGHT NOW? You'll feel way more in control of the unemployment situation and your depression will likely ease the hell up so that you can get down to business.

A few of my personal best ideas that you could seriously start today if you're a motivated sort:

  • Pet walker/sitter/poop scooper
  • Baby sitter (let me tell you, I'd pay a mint for a regular, awesome weekend babysitter)
  • Seamstress
  • Music lessons provider
  • Desktop publisher
  • Ebay seller
  • House cleaner
  • Handyman
  • Christmas tree lights installer (huge in affluent suburbs)

One of those seem to be a fit? Get off this blog in one minute and head over to Google. Insert this in the search box using the job idea that sounds most appealing: "Starting a ____ business."

You will find a bunch of articles and ideas that will help you craft your startup game plan.

You should also search online for businesses doing these same types of work. No need to reinvent the wheel here. Study someone doing it well, and use what they're doing as a template.

Study what they charge, how they market, why people like their service. Think through where you'll most likely find clients, BRAINSTORM. PLAN.

And then... this is the critical step: Do it.

You may not get rich here. You may fly by the seat of your pants while you figure out the nuances of your new endeavor (TRUST ME, I know this one). You may think, "Dang, I never figured the magnificent ME would ever be cleaning someone's HOUSE for a living." 

But you will be achieving something.

(Go YOU!)

And perhaps more importantly, you will have some income coming your way.

Certainly, you need to study the whole, "Well, what does this mean for my unemployment check?" topic. You do. I'm not the expert on this one.

But I am the expert on this:

By making small, meaningful strides, and proving to yourself that you've got what it takes... ? Chances are, things will start to snowball for you and aim you back toward to your A-game. And then beyond.

Have some other ideas to share about creating your own job? Did you overcome unemployment depresssion in another way? Please comment!

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