Linkedin recommendations: Make sure they appear genuine.

First, my standard Linkedin message for all job seekers:

If you aren't using it as a MAJOR tool in your search efforts, you MUST start today. This minute. Now.

But I know you are, so let's just carry on and talk about Linkedin recommendations.

Holy wow, can they ever be a valuable commodity. Guess who is Googling you to see if you're worth consideration? Uh, yes. That'd be recruiters, HR people, hiring managers and other people who can influence your landing a coolio job.

So it goes without saying that, the more glowing the reviews? The better things could work out for you.

HOWEVER, and this is important, oh job seeker..and something I see with frequency...

Don't chase down everyone you know and strong-arm them into singing your praises all at once.

I am forever reviewing Linkedin profiles of people who went from ZERO recommendations to like 20, all in the space of four days.

What does that tell a recruiter or hiring manager? Here is what it tells them:

"Hello. I just pressured everyone I know into saying nice things about me. In fact, I paid them. OK, I even wrote a couple of them for my pals, and they just cut and pasted them up here. Is that bad?"

People, please...






If you know you're going to be launching a search in the near future, ask a short list (say, 2-4) of people to write a Linkedin recommendation for you. Then wait a while, and ask a couple more. Better yet, when you provide excellent work or services? Just make a habit of asking for recommendations.

Bottom line? When I can tell you raced off in a mad panic and asked everyone in the world for Linkedin recommendations? I give them less credence.

But when they appear to be genuine?

Job seeker GOLD.