5 best ways to gift a job seeker.

I'm working with a remarkable couple right now. Both husband and wife are actively seeking new job opportunities, in part due to a major car accident that injured one of them seriously.

The wife is a spirited glass artistand skilled travel/event planner (need one? I have a FORCE to recommend if you do).

She also happens to keep a personal blog, and recently offered some great gift suggestions for those who have an active job seeker on their holiday shopping list this year.

Her top 5 ideas are here:

  1. A fresh fashion for interviewing. Take your friend of loved one out for lunch and shopping. Have them select a new pair of earrings, a scarf or something that'll help boost their morale and feel great during interviews.
  2. Mobile phone service/minutes. Empower them so that potential employers can reach them at any time, load their phone with some new apps, or get them connected to the Internet.
  3. Gas card. Simple as that. Many job seekers are, pardon the pun, running on fumes. Ease their transportation burden with a fueled up gas card.
  4. Professional resume or job search help. And, yes, I can thank my spirited client for specifically recommending the JobJenny Gift Certificatesto her readers this year. These, by the way, are redeemable for either the Ridiculously Awesome Resume service or one-on-one consulting.
  5. A reminder that they are valuable and amazing. Lengthy job searches can be soul eroding. Most anyone who has been out of work for a while would love to hear someone they respect and care about say, "You can do this. I believe in you. You kick serious a##. I love you."

For those who are currently seeking, what would you love to receive this year?

Photo source: D Sharon Pruitt