Look me in the eye and say that's your best effort.

Are you taking this job search seriously?

No, I mean, are you truly, you-can-swear-on-your-mother's-grave-without-flinching-for-even-one-second taking it seriously?

  • Are you running the search like you'd run a business, with goals and daily objectives?
  • Are you studying the industry, the players, the people... then CONNECTING with them?
  • Are you learning everything you can about the tools that are emerging that can light a flipping BONFIRE under your search?
  • Do you get that the old, passive methods just don't work like they used to?
  • Are you getting creative?
  • Are you putting your brand out there to the very best of your ability?

Your competition is.

They are. And if you're struggling to land something amazing, you need to know this.

You can't lie to yourself and expect miracles in the job market anymore. You just can't.

So maybe it's time to turn the whole thing upside down and head off in a direction that will truly work, one that will make you feel energized, proud and filled with the ass-kickery that you KNOW is within you.

Stop lying, Pinocchio. You've got game. Bring it.

Photo source: fun-with-pictures.com