If your scuffed up interview shoes could talk...

I don't care how many hours of research you've logged in preparation for the big interview.

Nor how sweet that tie is.

If I am an interviewer, and you walk through my door wearing noticeably scuffed up shoes, ratty or otherwise dirty shoes, you may as well just walk in with a megaphone, hold it up to the shoes and give them the floor:

"What up, interview lady! We're Bob's crappy shoes! He had a big plan to shine us up for the event, but he woke up late today (my God, he is ALWAYS late! For EVERYTHING!) and decided to throw us on anyways.

"He's kind of a detail guy. But (insert uncontrollable laughter here) not really. No, no,  not so much. He really likes things just to be kind of easy. 'Good enough' is actually his motto. Which is lucky for us because we get to come along for fun stuff like this!"

"So let's get down to it, yeah?"

Interviewing? Learnthe art of a good shoe shine. Immediately.

Half-assed effort wastes everyones time, especially yours. 

Photo source: scottsdalecc.edu