Tired of feeling like you're begging for a job? Give your job search the middle finger.

OK, so I'm entirely excited to bring you somewhat of an alternative perspective on searching for a job. Certainly, I am a very strong proponent of creating your own opportunities when the opportunities are not comin' a knockin'.

So I suppose that would make Ashley Ambirge, the spitfire behind the popular blog The Middle Finger Projecta strong proponent times, oh, a million. I love her energy, her blog, and the way she makes her followers think and squirm as they consider giving convention the, well, middle finger. Here's what she had to say...

Job Searching.

The term evokes a variety of emotions.

Some teenagers might call it something they're dreading having to do in the future.

Some college graduates might call it the current bane of their existence.

Some seasoned professionals might call it necessary after having been laid off.

Some retirees might call it something they're glad not to have to do anymore.

Most everyone calls it grueling.

But regardless of where you stand relative to the job search, one thing is for certain: No matter how hard you search the results will always be limited.

History Shapes Our Methods.

In the past, those in power owned the corporations and businesses, and the people had no choice but to get up and go to work for one of them each day. This is where the modern-day job search originated; those in power had jobs, and those without power needed jobs.

Enter job search platforms such as Monster and Careerbuilder, which provided a convenient place for both to come together. And while that may seem like a win-win for both parties, if you look at it from a broad perspective, the modern day job search might not be as opportunistic as we may imagine.

In many ways, it's akin to the job searcher sitting on the sidewalk, with cupped hands out in front of him, hoping that someone takes mercy and gives him something. In the worst of ways, the job searcher is entirely dependent upon the whims of any given employer for his career options, salary, and, ultimately, his livelihood.

And being in that kind of dependent situation isn't exactly what I'd call a win.

Naturally, when that type of dependence determines the outcome of our job search, it's undeniably going to be very limited in terms of what that outcome will look like. When you are at the mercy of an employer, you don't have much say in the matter.

What Are My Alternatives?

To many, it might not seem as if there's much choice. “That's just the way the world works,” you might be tempted to think. But that's not entirely true.

That's the way the world USED TO WORK.

Now, however, with the advent of the internet, we get to take our career options, our salary, and ultimately, our livelihood, into our own hands, and create whatever reality we desire.

With the internet, anyone can start a business, and for a very small fraction of the cost. And what that means is that if anyone can start a business, then no one is at the sole mercy of big business any longer.

What that means are options, baby.

You can wave bye-bye to cheesy objective statements, chronological listings of over-embellished accomplishments (in hopes that someone will notice your brilliance & pick you out of the crowd), and meticulously waiting by the phone, hoping that someone will give you the opportunity to make them coffee and “work your way up the career ladder.” If you can learn the harness the internet correctly, don't have to do any of that. You don't have to beg on the sidewalk, with your cupped hands out infront of you, waiting on someone to take mercy. No, the internet allows you to provide for yourself.

So, what if we were to take a different approach?

What if, instead of complaining that we don't have a job, we created work?

What if, instead of blaming a flailing economy for our woes, we went out and sparked the economy with our talents?

What if, instead of removing responsibility from ourselves, we stood up and said “I!”

What if, instead of merely accepting reality at face value, we repositioned ourselves among it?

What if, instead of pursuing a tolerable life, we fought tooth and nail for something we'd be proud to call our own? What if we actually DID something?

What if we stopped waiting for someone to tell us what to do, figured out what to next and then DID IT?

Would we still be so dependent upon the system, their vacant job openings and whether or not the keywords in our resumes matched the keywords in their job search?

The answer is no. The question, however, is whether or not we have the guts.

And speaking of guts...

Ashley Ambirge has just (today!) launched her first ebook, aptly titled, You Don't Need a Job, You Need Guts: Combining Passion + Self + Business Through Digital EntrepreneurshipThe book aims to help people who are interested in running an online business, but have no idea how to get started. It walks readers through best types of digital businesses, provides tools and tricks to get started, and includes a step-by-step tutorial on firing things up and making MONEY. All written in perfect, "devilishly sassy" Ashley Ambirge style. It's $24 bucks for a 127-page guide. Toh-tal steal.

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