The Burrito Blob Gods are Smiling

So a few weeks ago, I was contemplating how to best tackle the stack of candidate resumes I had in front of me for one particular engineering position.

To be quite honest, I was dreading the afternoon of phone calls, and really didn't know where to begin.

And I was munching on a messy, overcooked bean burrito.

When suddenly....

A big blob of burrito guts fell out onto one of the resumes. I instantly throught, "How disrespectful of me! I must call this guy at once."

Two weeks ago, Burrito Blob Guy got an interview with my client.

Last week, Burrito Blob Guy got an offer.

Today, Burrito Blob Guy accepted.

So I guess if I have any sort of point here, it's this: Cross your fingers that my piggish lunch ways occur while I'm reviewing your resume.

:) The Burrito Blob Gods must be smiling on me.