The Chocolate Chicken

My 4-year-old doesn't want the Easter Bunny to bring her chocolate in the form of, well, him.

Nor jelly beans, Peeps, or any of the other traditional crap we sugar-ify our children with this time of the year.

She wants a chocolate chicken.

And, based on how many times she has reminded me of this (at least 14), I know she is quite serious. And will settle for nothing less.

It kills me, as I have no clue yet where I'm going to find such a thing.

Yet also endears me that she's setting herself apart.

She's articulating her needs/wants specifically, at quite an early age.

She's making herself memorable. And not in a weird way (I hope not anyways... I know, as parents we get a little skewed in our assessments sometimes.)

I can't help but think: This is also how people win the job search race.

The ones that want the regular old hollow chocolate bunny? They get it.

Be the one who goes after the chocolate chicken. And make it known across your networks that this is precisely what you are doing.

Because you'll eventually get it.

And if it kills me trying? On Sunday, so will my kid.