A jolt of motivation and idealism.

Feeling crummy about your job search, your circumstance, your life in general?

Spend 15 minutes in a room filled with soon-to-graduate college students. A group of young men and women feverishly completing exams, trying to land that "FIRST JOB" and squeaking in those last nights with their bestest friends. Before they fold up the futons, pack up the hot pots and head in their separate ways.


Because they will remind you of the you that you used to be. And the you that you can be. And the you that you should be.

I had the great pleasure of speaking to the graduating Robotics students from Lake Superior State University this week. A few hours of time to discuss job search strategy, the state of the robotics industry (yes, I am a robot nerd), and get a pulse on how they're feeling as they graduate in an economy that can be described, at best, as "shaky."

And, in spite of the slight waves of anxiety I detected among a few who have yet to land a job? They were the most positive, excited, idealistic bunch I've met with in quite some time.

So much so that I left feeling this sort of vitality and "Holy crap, the world is my OYSTER!" that I've not felt in some time.

I can only imagine that, no matter what your current job/life circumstance? Most anyone would have exited this session feeling much the same way.

Proud. Good. Inspired. Excited. Hopeful.

I loved this opportunity. And for all of the LSSU students who've found JobJenny? Thank you.