A free job search billboard. You're welcome.

I've made no secret how much I love Linkedin as a job search/networking tool.

I love it. So much. In fact, were I in the 7th grade, I'd probably have "I <3 Linkedin" written on my Trapper Keeper.  Maybe even one of those True Love Always signs.

It's just that good.

And here is just one tiny reason: It is a free job search billboard. One that you can update weekly, or even daily if you're so inclined.

Right there in the Profile Update section (or Network Activity from the home page). Essentially, you can create a Facebook-like update on your Linkedin profile that gets sent out to every member of your network once a week. It also shows up daily on their home pages under the aforementioned Network Activity section.

This is where you can post fresh, ongoing reports on your skills, your professional activities (no need to tell us you're going bowling or off to Target -- save that nonsense for your personal Facebook page), or search efforts. Really, anything that may be relevant to your overall search process.

  • Attending the CAD Designers Regional conference? There's an update.
  • Developing a corporate website for a freelance client? Tell your network (assuming it's not confidential)
  • Just got your Project Management certification? Yep.

And so forth.

It's free. It keeps your name and your activities at the forefront of your entire Linkedin network. And it may well catch the eye of the right person, waiting to give you the right job.

Which would then make you love Linkedin like a starry-eyed teenager, too.