Permission to slack.

You've been doing all things job search right.

You have a strategy, you're networking, you're using social media to your advantage, you're researching industries, companies, geographies, key players. You're inserting more key words into your resume, you've lined up some good recruiters.

You're in this. It hasn't happened yet, but you are full-on in this.

And you're damned tired.

It's OK. This happens, to most job seekers. Most especially to those who have the proverbial financial gun to their heads. And it sucks. Because you don't have time to get tired, do you?


That's right, halt.

If you reach the day in your job search that you think you may just lose your freaking mind if you place one more networking call or study one more corporation?


Not for good. Not for six weeks. Probably not even for two weeks, unless you have that kind of financial cushion at your disposal.

But if you're gunning so hard that you've flat out exhausted yourself? Your body is telling you to slack. Regroup. Rest. Breathe deeply. Clear your head. Sit in the sunshine. Read a (pleasure) book for a few hours. Go to the yoga class you think you have no time for. Eat a sundae. Get friends together for a movie. Nap. Something, anything so long as it's

a) Relaxing, and

b) Completely unrelated to your job search

You'll be amazed at how much more productive you'll be when you get back to it in a couple or a few days. This is as much a lesson to myself as it is to you all. I burn the candle at four ends often, to near meltdown stage.

Thankfully, I know when it's time to halt. And I know the true value of doing so.

Permission to slack granted.