Preferential treatment. Who needs it?

You do!

So scroll it on down the page and sign up for my new mailing list, already.

For those who have been pondering how, how, how can I get more JobJenny in my life?


Perks of subscribing shall include:

  • More tips on all things job search, finding career passion, fattening up your wallet, interviewing like a champ, having the coolest resume on the block, how a Sharpie can actually double as shoe polish in a pinch, and so much more.
  • Links to the video outtakes that will surely result as I learn the art of video blogging.
  • Prizes. Oh, the prizes.
  • Massively huge discounts on that killer e-book and other products I'm madly crafting in the wee hours.
  • The glow of knowing you're my favorite.

You can also be the first to alert me if I've goofed up any of the technical details involved with setting this all up. Yes, please do. Please do.

Thanks in advance, and enjoy!