The thing we sometimes forget when we're so darned focused on our careers.

I'm quite sure I'm a lot like most of you who come here as you seek a new job, or contemplate a major career shift.

Sure, I have a job. A couple, in fact. So, while I'm not searching for a job, per se, I am nearly laser focused on building a business and career that I love.

Something significant, that makes me proud, fulfilled and, certainly, financially comfortable.

I want to live with enough income and flexibility to spend time traveling with my family, sharing major life experiences together...without having my throat close up each time I pull out the checkbook.

I want to send my daughter through college.

I want my work to matter.

But, guess what?

I also want my (near) husband, kids, extended family and friends to know that they matter.

I want them to know damned straightthat I'm not just some (pardon the pun for those who know the industries I serve) dialed out robot, clattering away at my computer and iPhone all day, scrambling to amass my little fortune.

I see an awful lot of this (or at least, the appearance of this) going on within the social media circles these days. Online marketers and entrepreneurs touting the appeal of getting rich by carving one's own path. Yet you can tell they spend, oh, 21 hours a day in that effort.

No thank you. That path doesn't look so great to me.

Surely, I want to light it up with my career, and help as many laid off, struggling, and aspiring people as I possibly can.

But this week?

I'm going to marry my best friend. I'm going to watch my daughter walk down the aisle to her mom and new stepdad. And I'm going to officially gain two new children of my own.

I'm going to raise a glass with my family, laugh with friends, and soak in every last stinking moment of this extraordinary life event.

And I'm going to unplug for a couple of days while I do so.

While my career is a passion, and also my livelihood...? I've got a really freaking big week going on here.

So, please, if you would. Take some time this week to remember that even when you feel like you must spend every waking hour thinking about, focusing on, obsessing about your career?

Significance and joy pour from more than one faucet.

Cheers, y'all! I'll be back next week.