A little ditty about resumes, honeymoons and pricing.

Brilliant as she is...

Jenny, several months ago, planned out a little belated honeymoon junket for mid-January 2011.

Love was in the air, a nice little (free!) Mexican villa was offered... and a plan was hatched.

And she will be perfectly honest... She's so excited she can barely sit still.

* dropping the third person now due to the sheer agony of writing in this style*


When all this honeymoon planning was a brewing?

I honestly had no clue how quickly the Ridiculously Awesome Resume Servicewould take off.

Thanks to many of you, it has. Oh, it sure has.

Today alone? 7 orders.

(Have I mentioned how much I adore you 7?)

That said, I have two important announcements that I must make for all who are considering kicking off the New Year with a sparkly new resume...

  1. If you're all revved up and want a Ridiculously Awesome Resume (and/or cover letter) in hand by January 30? Ya gotta order no later than Wednesday, January 5 to ensure January delivery. Yes, I know. I'm awesome like that. Sorry. There are a few times in a person's life when I believe one is entitled to stop working entirely. Honeymoon would be one such occasion. I'll be racing like mad for the next two weeks, however.
  2. The Ridiculously Awesome Resume Servicewill be just as ridiculously awesome in 2011, but I will be raising prices slightly to ensure I can personally service every incoming client... and deliver an amazing, customized finished product. I'm still working out the final pricing strategy. I promise you, I won't get all insane with pricing. It's important to me that I deliver an amazing product to you, at a price that is quite sane. Please do take advantage of current pricing through January 30. Even if you're not quite ready to fire up the actual project, I encourage you to order now, and we'll tackle your project any time in 2011.

Look. You are a star.

Sometimes it's damned hard to showcase that on a piece of paper. I am good at this. And will help you with pleasure.

Just please allow me a tiny little mid-month pause to celebrate life and love, soak up a few dangerous UV rays, and drink some really excellent non-wormy tequila.

Cheers, everyone! I appreciate the hell out of you.

Photo source: Flickr.com Creative Commons - esanchezleenheer