Last Call! Last day to snag a Ridiculously Awesome Resume at 2010 pricing.

Ring Ring.

Blink Blink.

Blab. Blab.

That's me ringing the bell, flashing the lights and coming on over the loud speaker so that you will make damned sure not to miss Last Call on 2010 pricing for the Ridiculously Awesome Resume Service.

Actually, the video here is the Blab Blab part.

(Nearly as terrifying as the first video, but shorter. So I lived through it.)

Anyhow... a few testimonials to add here, in case you are on the fence and wondering to yourself,

"Self? I know you are awesome. But your resume sucks. What exactly do you plan to do about this situation? Maybe you should hire a professional. But wait? Is it worth it? Will you get your money's worth out of such an investment?"

Well, I can't jump in your body and think for you. But, here's what Miranda, Ben and Mike said...

"I read my new resume and felt like I wanted to get to know myself better. That excited me right out of the gate. I hired her to help me land an MBA level job at a specific company, and I am excited to report that they called me for an interview 2 days later. I'm confident that I will have a new job in the next couple months." -- Miranda K.

"When you leave a conversation with her, you feel like she is your advocate, champion and cheerleader all wrapped up into one." -- Ben F.

"Sent my resume and cover letter to a very impressive company last Friday. They called me within the hour. Nice work, Jenny!" -- Mike A.


You know you are a star. Your resume needs to reflect this accordingly. It does.

And you need to work this out with someone who not only knows what she's doing? She's also just stupidly fun to work with. She really is.

Shall we?