Need time for job search? Consider egg timer time management

So you know how important it is to have a job search strategy, correct?

And you certainly "get" that you then need to create a path, an action plan, a schedule that moves you... day-by-day/inch-by-inch toward the overall goal, yes?

But did you see that COMPLETELY CREEPY picture of the giant spider web tree in Pakistan over on Facebook today?

And how cool is it that your niece is dressed up as a zombie prom queen for trick-or-treating?

And, hmmm...wonder what the weather is going to be like for soccer on Wednesday...

And OMG, you're missing the most hilarious tweet thread about Herman Cain.

And THIS JUST IN... Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are already divorcing... and, and, and...

Sound familiar?

Right. It does for me, too. Which is why I own and use an egg timer.

Ding ding ding! That's right, a simple, ridiculously inexpensive egg timer.

It's the simplest method I know of to stay on task and avoid distraction.

As a job seeker, you should strongly consider investing in one, and blocking off segments of time for each planned activity during your search day.

Yes, yes, of course. You can even segment "free" chunks of time with the thing. This is your time to screw around with friends on Facebook, find a steal of a deal over on, IM with pals or whatever else you do in the name of fun or zoning out online.

But when you hear the ding? Reset and move on to the next planned activity.

You actually don't even have to own a REAL egg timer (but some of them are so flipping adorable, I can't imagine why you wouldn't). Just head on over to


photo by: Creative Commons (tanakawho)