What to do when you simply cannot take one more day of job search.

To Whom It May Concern: Or, How to Stop Sucking at Your Job Search officially launches on MONDAY, 4/4.

(Mark yo calendar, por favor) 

Here's an excerpt from the book, about how to calm down when you feel like you cannot day even one more day of job search:

Hopefully, it hasn’t happened. And hopefully it won’t happen.

But what do you do if, while in the midst of the job search you reach that moment in which you feel, with 100% certainty, that you cannot take even one more day of this mo-fo  search, nor the stress that comes along with it?

You need some immediate tools that will help you calm down. You cannot pull this off if you’re out of your mind distraught. You can’t.

here are a few that I personally use, if you’re interested:

  1. Hot baths. This and tall glasses of wine are probably the two things that have helped me drag my buns through the toughest times in my own life. I think I honestly spent about six solid months of my life several years ago submerged in the claw foot tub of a tiny flat I was renting. There are few substitutes for a nice, hot, quiet bath. Unless, of course, you have a sauna or steam room at your disposal. Do those if you do.
  2. Tall glasses of wine. But not too tall. (And not in a sauna or steam room.) Alcohol is a depressant, and if you’re feeling depressed, the last thing you want to do is take it further. And, of course, ignore #2 if you have any history of alcohol abuse. Feeding a problematic habit is not what you want to do when stressed about job search.
  3. Massage.  Best investment evah. If you have a partner, check a how-to book out from the library and train each other.  Lavender oil costs next to nothing. If you do not have a partner, and if cost is an issue? Check out massage therapy schools in your area, and/or sign up for Groupon. They run great deals on such things with frequency, at least here in Portland.
  4. Go for a run or walk in the rain (dude, not a lightning storm, the rain) … Trust me, it’s cleansing and you’ll feel all Vision Quest bad ass because YOU are out there taking on the elements.
  5. Find yourself a kickboxing or martial arts class. You want to get some of that inner frustration, fear and anger out?  Voila. Kick, kick. Chop, chop.
  6. Clean or organize like a freaking tornado. I find that, when I feel out of control in other areas of my life? If I go on a cleaning or organizing rampage within an area that I can easily improve upon and control? I get the “Oooh, I can conquer everything” vibe going. And that’s often quite useful when you’re at the brink.
  7. Have sex. What? I’m just sayin’. It is a proven stress reliever. Use common sense here, of course. OK, moving along now. Moving along.

If the stress is truly debilitating you, and deeply impacting your family and life? Please consider professional support. As someone who has benefited from this type of help during life’s most stressful times? I am a firm believer that sometimes, it’s best to get the experts involved.

Just please. Do me a favor.

Don’t ever forget how incredible you really are.

Photo: Flickr.com Creative Commons (Knut Burmeister)