What to do when you're feeling totally stuck

Or depressed.

Or scared.

Or like something is wrong with you.

Because it's taking you longer than you thought it would do find a new job, or maybe even A job.

If you're feeling stuck and frustrated, or maybe even panicked right now.


Stop for a couple of minutes. Just stop and catch your breath. Tell that inner voice to shut it up for a second. And just catch your breath.

Be nice to yourself.

Realize that you're not deficient, or stupid, or worthless or clueless.

You are you -- brilliant, magnificent and fully capable of pulling this thing off.

I'm guessing that you're probably just spending a lot of (exhausting) time using search methods that don't work very well anymore.

Like applying for job after job after job through blind mailboxes.

Or using a resume that's not effective nor reflective of your true greatness.

Or shying away from active, creative networking-based search methods because they seem scary, or you don't know how or where to begin.

Or not realizing what an applicant tracking system is and how to strategize around it.

Or maybe you just need someone to tell you that you really, truly are amazing.

If what you're doing isn't working, don't beat yourself up. Instead, commit yourself to finding a new way to go about this. Commit yourself crafting and executing a job search strategy, a bona fide game plan that will give you a fighting chance of succeeding in this crap economy.

Because you, friend, are worth that kind of an effort.

Photo: Flickr.com Creative Commons (VasenkaPhotography)