Job hunts suck. Let me teach you a better way.

Welcome to the official launch of "To Whom It May Concern: Or How to Stop Sucking at Your Job Search!"

Zee store, is officially open.

If you or someone you truly love, dig or have a gigantic crush on is scared, mad or incredibly frustrated over all things job search, I can help.

The game of job search has changed, dramatically. The tools and tactics we used even just a few years ago? They just don't work so well anymore.

Just a fact.

Everyone's trying to cram through the front door, using yesteryear's methods of job search. Methods like surfing  or CareerBuilder, machine-gunning resumes into blind mailboxes, and counting on recruiters to find them something cool.

In reality? You'll get noticed a heck of a lot faster today if you say "screw that front door," and instead, head around to the side window, flip open a step ladder, climb up and hoist yourself through.

I will teach you how to cook up a plan that gets you through the side window.

If we were to teach you these tactics through one-on-one through consulting? You'd likely pay 5 to 10 times as much for this same information. But I wanted to teach you how to craft and execute a job search strategy that will actually work, at a price that makes sense no matter where you're at financially.

It's 39 bucks. With a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Frankly, if you don't think To Whom It May Concern: Or, How to Stop Sucking at Your Job Searchgives you $39 work of new ideas and job search motivation? I don't want to keep your money. This is about YOU figuring out a better way, and using that way to land a job that makes you feel proud, happy and fulfilled.

So come on over and check it out, if you would.

It is on. Like Donkey Kong.